Diane wakes up. Alone. The place looks hauntingly familiar. But she expected to be dead. Where am

That's the latest blurb for my show, My Stroke of Luck. Not a synopsis, by any means, but captures much of the heart. "What's your show about?" is the first question I get when I say I've written a show. But that answer like the show, been ever evolving. I didn't know what I was writing, what the story was, or where I was going when I began what would become My Stroke of Luck. I knew only that I had to write. So I wrote everything that came to me, shared it, wrote more, rewrote, and shared more. Most often the re-writing was in response to questions from David Ford of The Marsh and his other students : "I'd really like to hear more about..." "I was really engaged when..." "I really c

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