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Doug Mchenry, Producer / Director
"Amazing life story...demonstrates strength and bravery, intelligence (as well as some stubborn stupidity), and sheer force of will...a wonderful woman to spend 75 minutes with."
                                                                           -London Yodeller
Audience Reactions: Dawn & Suzanne
"Entertaining, enlightening piece that educates and touches the heart."
                                                                         -Arts Beat LA
Audience Reactions: Peggy, Jack, & Rena
"Scenes the San Rafael, Calif, radiologist acts out with grace are sometimes uncomfortable and unsettling...she offers glancing blows at the failure of the health care system.. as a single mother raising black sons, she shares unflattering conversations and confrontations with the police.. you might think the show sounds tragic.  It's not...her stroke was lucky."
                                                                         -Orlando Sentinel
"Portrays the struggle to raise successful boys.  Logan [embodies]  the identity struggle that African American boys, especially those growning up in professional families- which gives them an extra layer, have in our culture".        
- Celeste Davis
Investment Banker, Mother of two sons
Audience Reactions
"This spellbinding storyteller has much to teach us about love, family and tackling insurmountable obstacles."
- Irma Herrera
Playwright "Tell Me Your Name", Social Justice Activist, Attorney
Audience Reactions: Doctor / Physical Therapist Alperts
"...The title perfectly encapsulates the optimistic, healing and wise attitude Diane brings to this profound experience.  With warmth and honesty, My Stroke of Luck portrays the human tendency to allow our everyday abilities and moments to pass unnoticed and unappreciated until an event - which can barge into the lives of any one of us at any moment-leaves us the choice to be defeated or begin to savor the moments we have left...."  
                                                                                 -Susan Gill
                                                      Solo Performer "Rabbi, the Bride is Living in Miami
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