Does it get any better than this??

Now in Victoria, B.C., one of the most beautiful cities on the planet, wrapping week three on the road in British Columbia with My Stroke of Luck. A good friend up from Portland to see my show asked, "How are you feeling about touring?" The short answer: LOVING IT!!! Picture yourself in one of your favorite cities, glorious end of summer weather, hosted by a new best friend = sister from another mother (or is is just separated at birth?) in a beautiful downtown townhome, walking distance of everything, with a show you've workshopped, honed and refined over time, a good perforrmance schedule, a good central venue, your main job to perform a great show, (second job, of course, getting butts in

"Thought-provoking, moving, gripping performance. We loved your show!" Thank you, Nanaimo

(And yes, that's Victoria Harbor above, Nanaimo below.) The Nanaimo Fringe Festival is a very small Fringe, as Fringes go, with only 9 shows this year, while others host hundreds. But it was Nanaimo's small size that made it the perfect place to debut my newly revised full length My Stroke of Luck. Not only did I get the chance to perform, to see every other show that played both weeks, a smorgesbord of storytellers, Zombie love, monologues of George Bernard Shaw, physical comedy and puppets, and meet all the other performers, but most importantly, I had the chance to talk with my audiences, which I cherish! The audience laughed and some cried as I performed, so it was with gratitude that

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