“Imagine for a moment that one day you woke up and realized you couldn’t think of the words for comm

Imagine having trouble remembering the names of people with whom you have daily contact. Envision being in the middle of a sentence and completely forgetting what it was you were saying…not just once, but over and over again. Now think about the terror of being able to decode the words you see in a book but not being able to make sense of the meaning.” Those words are not from a stroke survivor. They are from Tracey Grumback, a young woman living with Lyme disease. And the medical term for what she describes is aphasia. Aphasia: (uh-fay-zhuh) A loss or reduction of language (i.e., speaking, understanding, reading, and/or writing) following brain damage, typically as a result of a stroke.

It’s a wrap!! This one is short and sweet!

Photo: On vacation in Newcastle, Australia April 2019, port on Dave Koz (Smooth Jazz and more) Cruise Closed an awesome run last night at The Marsh Berkeley! Thank you all so much for supporting me, and supporting live theater! Have appreciated each and every one of you who made such wonderful audiences, and loved your lively questions at talk backs. Thank you! (Still to come, Part 2: So Much Fun Bringing Show Back Home) For spreading the word and sending friends and family, colleagues, clients/patients students, I thank you. Those of you who came back a second or third time bringing family, friends, and co workers, THANK YOU!!! And to those who helped swing interviews and reviews, THANK

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