“When I heard how much rehab and services you got, I got mad!”

So wrote a stroke survivor who attended my show. He went on: “I guess you got special treatment because you were a doctor, and you worked there. But what about the rest of us? How can I get help? My doctor will refer me, what do I ask for, who do I see?” He was asking for help! Several years post stroke, he felt he had never had the support, services or treatment to recover, and alone, was back sliding from the few gains he had made on his own. Hearing how much help I got made angry but also, for the first time, gave him hope that if he could only find help, he might improve. I felt for him. And understood. His plight is sadly, too familiar. At every show, someone asks how to get the he

Pearls from Yale's 100 Years of Women in Medicine: Wrap of East Coast Visit

As if my East Coast week wasn’t packed enough! Yale Medical School held a daylong Celebration and Reflection of 100 Years of Women, so hopped the train for New Haven. Wasn’t in my med school note-taking mode, so, rather than insightful commentary or musing reflections, shar ing the best take away pearls from the conference. (Not sure if pearls is a general term, but in medicine, "pearls are best defined as small bits of free standing, clinically relevant information based on experience or observation". And apologies to both you and the speakers, attributions and precise context lacking.) In no particular order: “Aim high. Always ask for what you want. When a piece of luck falls in your

First TV interview & Bonus: Recovering lost friends and making new ones!

Linda Moore, (on my left with neon green cast), a Stanford classmate with whom I reconnected last year at our Reunion, attended my Drexel performance. Brought friends. (THANK YOU, Linda!) Afterwards, we went to dinner. It was an intimate, heartfelt evening. Felt as if we’d all known each other a long time. Nothing like rediscovering and recovering a lost friendship, and making new ones in the process. And another delicious meal. Has every city become a foodie capitol?? Below, with Dean Paula after performance, with audience members at reception (one needed a hug) and middle bottom row, with Yale Med Classmate Alan Penziner, M.D.. (Photos Brian Kantorek) The next morning, my first television

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