So much fun bringing the show back home, Part 2:

Picking up where I left off in end May! If that's been way too long, part 1 outlined the first 18 months of developing My Stroke of Luck. (If you are new to my mailing list, or as forgetful as I, my blog of 5/25 Part 1: So Much Fun Bringing the Show back home will catch you up.) We left off right as I finished the read through of my initial completed script: There it was! Out into the world! David Ford moderated the feedback session with the same questions as our workshops. My self appointed task: listen, record. Do not react, do not get defensive, don’t trip. Hear what is being said. I whipsawed through a range of emotions as people spoke, igniting mental images and memories, reignin

Jet Set?  Home to the East Coast days after Logan’s graduation.

First stop, Philadelphia, home of the Liberty Bell, a city in which I have never before spent time, but where my father and grandfather were raised. I was invited to perform My Stroke of Luck at Pennoni Honors College, Drexel University, by the Dean, Paula Marantz Cohen, PhD. What an honor! Thank you, Paula. She saw my show at a sold out performance at United Solo Theater Festival Off Broadway in New York City last September, where ishow won Best Storytelling Script! She accompanied her husband, Dr. Alan Penziner, a retired Hematologist / Oncologist, who was my classmate at Yale Medical School. ( Photo credit above: Alan.) Paula, along with former classmates from elementary, high school, col

Smorgesbord!!! And oh, what a whirlwind!

Just now catching my breath after a month on the road. Exhilarating, exciting, eye opening and exhausting! Had a few days home after a fantastic weeklong Dave Koz Cruise to Scandinavia and the Baltics (Copenhagen, Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Tallin, Stockholm). Dave’s guiding principle: “Seeing the world together through music.” Confess, those destinations were never on my bucket list. Mine is crammed with exotic locations: Madagascar, Seychelles, Burma, Vietnam. I also don’t love cruising: too much time on transport for too little time in port. With fewer than 10 hours docked, there is just not enough time for real explorations, serendipity, discovery and surprise, though unpacking onl

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