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Confess I enjoyed my summer break! Hope you enjoyed yours as well. On my August visit to Boston and Cape Cod, my cousin, who makes jewelry herself, asked, " Why don't you write a post about creativity and stroke?" I love the idea! But remember writing an article for Marin Medicine Magazine back in 2010 about my creativity and jewelry making. I was still working at the time, so of necessity, did not focus on my stroke or my struggles, though I mention them. So sharing that article with you (below), while I get to work on a dedicated post about creativity in rehab and recovery, with more frankness about the struggle and the rewards. But first, a reminder: Pacific Stroke Association Presents


Yes, I am about to make a belated confession. But I am ashamed it took the tsunami of ignorant, misguided, malicious, mean spirited partisan innuendo and character assassination against Dr. Christine Blasey Ford for me to find the courage to speak out. (For anyone who has managed to avoid last week’s news cycle, this letter from Dr. Ford, a Palo Alto Professor, to Diane Feinstein, her Senator, opened a growing controversy in Bret Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court.) Dr. Ford’s articulate statement of her experience of sexual assault at the age of 15 year old at the hands of a 17 year old was a painful read, one that, to me, rings totally true. And though I have some serious questi

"Did your stroke change the way you think about race?"

The moon shaped face was beautiful, of color, hair covered by a brightly colored head scarf. Eyes inquisitive, mouth in a smile. Kindness and curiosity radiating. I had just spoken for 30 minutes about my experience of stroke and recovery to Katherine Seto's SFSU graduate students in Speech and Language Pathology. Some of the class had seen my show, some had not. Had been answering their insightful, probing questions for over 50 minutes. Race. Race and stroke? The question stopped me in my tracks. I had all sorts of associations with stroke, risk factors, symptoms, treatment, experience, but RACE??? Race? Her face was open, expectant. Was she American born? What was her context? Her ex

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