Standing ovation at a medical conference?

Above, with the neurologists in your future! Me with two DC area KP neurologists (all wearing our glasses!) Don't you love the new faces of medicine? I mourn the loss of my personal docs, all of whom have retired, but love, love, love the new wave! About that standing ovation? It happened! Thank you? I had the pleasure of speaking at the First Kaiser Permanente National Stroke Conference at the Hilton Anaheim. Thank you, Jonathan Artz, M.D. Neurology, Kaiser San Rafael!) Attended by almost 450 health care professionals, the three day conference brought clinicians from around the country to hear the state of the art Stroke Management. My mission (otherwise known as the Continuing Medical E

“The shortest distance between two people is a story." Patti Digh. “Strokes supersize you...

L to R: Dr Stephen Weiss, Patricia Gill, MS, Dr. Richard Delmonico, me with new curly do Whatever you loved before, like a tree, you really appreciate.” A Schurig Center for Brain Injury Recovery client. The supersize quote was shared by Patricia Gill, MS, Executive Director of the Schurig Center, as she addressed the gathered swells last weekend at the 8th Annual Brain Art and Music Gala, Celebrating Connections. The gala benefited the Karen G. Schurig Scholarship Fund, which enables the Center to offer life changing services to those affected by brain injury for as long as needed (in stark contrast to insurance rehab guidelines.) Schurig Center 8th Annual Brain Art and Music Gala Progra

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