"Do you think the way you were treated after your stroke was because of race?"

Another audience question from talkback following performance of My Stroke of Luck. The deficiencies in my treatment, both at discharge and in follow up, were more likely related to my being a physician than race. Although there are serious disparities in healthcare delivery, both for women and minorities particularly African-American, I do not believe either were major factors in my case. As soon as I presented to the hospital, my care was attentive and expedited. Even in retrospect, my hospital care was flawless: attentive, and meticulous. More likely, the fact that I was a physician and employee of the hospital system where I sought treatment where limiting factors. Hospital power dynamic

Writing, Woman Power, Serendipity, Friendship, Connection, Part 2

Picking up from last week's newsletter, recounting reunion of our 80's writer's group, 22 years after last meeting! Above: L-R Lee Darby, Elizabeth Holmes, Kay Alden Webb, Hella Fluss, Diane Barnes, Carolyn Foster (invited facilitator), Diane Egelston, c1985. Valerie Kobal took photo. Don't ask why I'm turned opposite direction, and why 5/7 are in blue. I have no clue! First, a correction! Been scouring the house and garage for my old manuscript. Haven't found, but did find the original reports of our Meyers Briggs results. I misremembered(!). We were all NF's, N=grasp of possibilities, F=warmth and sympathy. But though we I's (introverts) were the majority, our group was both introverts

On Connection, Friendship, Serendipity, Woman Power, Writing.

And GRATITUDE! Thank you all for your responses to my query about book last week. Tried to get back to each of you; forgive me if I failed. Consensus: Memoir. And thank you for all the suggestions: what you connected with in the show, what you want to know more about, your reactions to blurb, title, graphic, suggestions for marketing, for add ons (like dvd), etc, etc. Your comments, one word to prosaic essays, were ALL helpful. And I thank you for taking the time and energy to respond. In a perfect confluence of the stars, or serendipity, last weekend had the pleasure of reuniting with remaining members of my mid 80's to 90's women's writers group! YES!!!! 22 years later, and it was as i

Need your help: Which book would you buy?

Last Saturday, March 31st, I had the privilege of speaking with a number of editors and agents about My Stroke of Luck, the book!! YES! So many of you have asked if I have or will have a book, or asked to read or buy the script, that when the San Francisco Chapter of the Women's National Book Association announced Pitch-O-Rama, a conference bringing 14 editors and book agents together with up to 60 writers and a panel "Secrets of Successful Book Marketing", I leapt at the opportunity. With help from my published author friends, (special thanks to Linda Gonzalez, about whose memoir, The Cost of Our Lives, one agent said, "There's too much you in it." !!!! A helpful anectode to steel me for

It's a wrap: gratitudes and lessons from My Stroke of Luck

Couldn't resist Bearded Collies bearing eggs, eggs being the ancient symbol of the earth, creation and life energy, the pagan symbol of fertility and rebirth, Christian for resurrection, Jewish for promise, and in some cultures, of health, wealth and luck. Though I now identify as Spiritual rather than Christian (raised non-denominational Protestant), it is Easter Sunday, (why I closed Thursday instead of a weekend day), so... But who needs an Easter Bunny when you can have a trio of Easter Beardies? And, in a way, having finished the twice extended run, I feel something akin to having been baptized and reborn, so fitting. Who knew when I started the run November 4th that My Stroke of Luc

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