It Takes a Village to Develop a Solo Show.

Painting of The Marsh, San Francisco, by Anthony Holdsworth. This week I'm sharing a wonderful article on The Marsh. It's a great compliment to the pieces I've written about developing my show, much of which was at The Marsh. Sam Hurwitt, a second generation Bay Area Theater Critic, wrote this article which really captures the essence of The Marsh, and the alchemy of its resident artists better than almost anything I have read. I couldn't embed it, so you'll need to click the link below to read on Theater Bay Area Website. Uniquely Bay Area: the Marsh Turns 30 With gratitude for the woman who saw my graduation performance for W. Allen Taylor's Solo Performance Class at College of Marin, who

It has been so much fun bringing the show back home, Part 2:

Picking up where I left off in end May! If that's been way too long, part 1 outlined the first 18 months of developing My Stroke of Luck. (If you are new to my mailing list, or as forgetful as I, my blog of 5/25 Part 1: So Much Fun Bringing the Show back home will catch you up.) We left off right as I finished the read through of my initial completed script: There it was! Out into the world! David Ford moderated the feedback session with the same questions as our workshops. My self appointed task: listen, record. Do not react, do not get defensive, don’t trip. Hear what is being said. I whipsawed through a range of emotions as people spoke, igniting mental images and memories, reignin

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