This will make you change your New Year's resolutions!

"Keep the faith and keep on living in the moment. That's what I learned from this stroke." No, not my words. The words of Brian W., a young (caveat: younger son, Takeshi, says, "Just because someone is younger than you, doesn't mean they're young) Canadian who was in the audience at one of my shows in Victoria, British Columbia. We've been corresponding since, and his New Year's message really resonated with me. His letter continued: "[My stroke] has set me free from the shackles of long term goals, hopes and dreams." Think about that for a moment. We love to set goals, no time more than New Year's. Every year, January 1st, we feel compelled to make resolutions, dig the "time to turn

This will make you rethink your holiday shopping!

Still searching for that unique gift for that special person? You'd think a young man would remember his first car. But this photo, circa Christmas 1994, when Logan was three and a half, still carrying his sheepskin blankie, and Takeshi 18 months, just getting over the worst case of chicken pox his soon to be retired pediatrician had ever seen, is the only way either of them remember the Little Tykes car that was that year's coveted Christmas gift. (Guessing, though, they will remember their first real automobiles, used Nissan Altima and Pathfinder respectively.) But the truth is, over the years, what lasts is the memories, the moments, the experiences, not the stuff, no matter how coveted

They shoot horses, don't they?? (Or: Laryngitis 1 week before opening? REALLY ???)

(Above, Takeshi, me and Logan, Christmas sabbatical year in New Zealand 1999-2000.) The six weeks of My Stroke of Luck at The Marsh San Francisco flew by, in retrospect. 6 weeks performing in one theater, with a near flawless tech who held and supported me, crack publicity, marketing, production, and front of house teams, building momentum, with engaged audiences, then surprise United Solo Best Storytelling Script Award, a TBA Recommended Production award, good review, sold out houses: what's not to like??? But confess, I was worried. After developing and touring the show, felt confident I had a story to tell that really connected. Arrived back from United Solo Off Broadway and The Atlan

"Amazing. [My Stroke of Luck] really captured many of the subtle aspects of strokes that

...really aren’t identified in any of the literature or educational information," Richard Delmonico, PhD, Chief, Neuropsychology, NCAL Regional Lead for Neuropsychology Services Kaiser Foundation Rehabilitation Center, on My Stroke of Luck. Award winning Best Storytelling Script at United Solo Off Broadway, NYC, My Stroke of Luck, written and performed by Diane Barnes, M.D., has been extended at The Marsh, San Francisco, and will run 1/4-2/3, Thursdays at 8 PM, Saturdays at 5 PM and Sunday 1/21 and 1/28 at 2 PM, 1062 Valencia Street, ( x st 22nd, BART 24th & Mission). My Stroke of Luck has played to sold out houses, and in addition to raves from general audiences, has special resonance for

"Silver linings exist, though it might take a while for your eyes to adjust to see them."

Photo, 1995, Xtapa, Mexico, Takeshi in arms, Logan watching, iguana waiting! Thank you, Dr. Bob Stein, Kaiser San Rafael. Your words after seeing My Stroke of Luck at The Marsh, San Francisco, my final show before the holidays, last night, Saturday 12/9, inspired this post! (With gratitude!) July 3, 2005, when I finally drove myself to Kaiser Hospital San Rafael, 20 hours after the worst headache of my life, I drove past the Emergency Room entrance to the far end of the employee parking lot, where my car would be safe left indefinitely (clock that- taking better care of my car than myself)! "Downstairs to Radiology first," I thought, "Let my images speak for me." A diagnostic radiologis


THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Thanks to all of you who've come out to The Marsh, San Francisco, talked up my show, put fliers up in your doctor's offices, houses and work places, told friends visiting SF Bay Area, posted on social media, or listened to my radio interviews! After a holiday hiatus, My Stroke of Luck, winner "Best Storytelling Script" at United Solo NYC, will run another 5 weeks at The Marsh, San Francisco, Jan 4th through Feb 4th! Playing Thursdays at 8 PM, Saturdays at 5 PM but this time, by popular demand, adding TWO SUNDAY MATINEES at 2 PM, January 21st and 28th! Can't wait to share the show with more of you! So many people who have been affected by brain injury - concus

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