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Thanks to all of you who've come out to The Marsh, San Francisco, talked up my show, put fliers up in your doctor's offices, houses and work places, told friends visiting SF Bay Area, posted on social media, or listened to my radio interviews! After a holiday hiatus, My Stroke of Luck, winner "Best Storytelling Script" at United Solo NYC, will run another 5 weeks at The Marsh, San Francisco, Jan 4th through Feb 4th!

Playing Thursdays at 8 PM, Saturdays at 5 PM but this time, by popular demand, adding TWO SUNDAY MATINEES at 2 PM, January 21st and 28th! Can't wait to share the show with more of you!

So many people who have been affected by brain injury - concussions and other traumatic brain injuries, chemo brain and stroke - have said my show has given them hope, words to describe their experience, an understanding of what a loved one has been through, a sense of not being alone for the first time since their injury -that I am truly humbled and grateful to have found my voice through My Stroke of Luck!

As this year ends, and we think about charitable giving, why not consider the Schurig Brain Injury Recovery Center? The 501-C3 non profit Center was instrumental in my recovery, and offers long term support not only to those who have suffered brain injury, but to their families and caretakers, long after insurance companies and the medical establishment cut off services. Their philosophy is that no one should be denied services due to financial constraints; they work on a sliding scale. But because brain injury is a silent epidemic - affecting more people than HIV/AIDS, breast cancer, spinal cord injury and multiple sclerosis combined, (but when is the last time you talked about brain injury treatment or sequellae with someone affected?)- and they do not bill at cost, they are always fundraising. My performance 11/30 was a performer benefit for The Center, and The Schurig Center Executive Director, Patricia Gill, MS, MFT, was my talk back speaker. For a taste of the lively discussion we had, if you didn't catch it live, hear her speaking with me on Nurse Rona's KPFA About Health Program from 11/20/2017.

And thank you for the sold out houses! Always thrilling for a performer, but knowing and feeling how many lives are touched makes it so much sweeter!

One sad note: 3 important credits were omitted from my program notes. So to give credit where credit is due, to those who helped bring My Stroke of Luck to you, those notes:

Developed with: David Ford

Character Development: Julia McNeal, an award winning actress and coach for solo performers:

Acting Coach: Jill Vice, director, acting coach for many new solo shows, and actress.

Tickets and more info:

And that gorgeous bouquet I'm holding above? A gift, Thanksgiving weekend sold out show, from director and producer Doug Mchenry. He graciously agreed to sit for a testimonial, link below.

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