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"Amazing. [My Stroke of Luck] really captured many of the subtle aspects of strokes that

"More than 2/3 of us have living wills or advanced health care directives. Do you?{ Production image from My Stroke of Luck)

...really aren’t identified in any of the literature or educational information," Richard Delmonico, PhD, Chief, Neuropsychology, NCAL Regional Lead for Neuropsychology Services Kaiser Foundation Rehabilitation Center, on My Stroke of Luck.

Award winning Best Storytelling Script at United Solo Off Broadway, NYC, My Stroke of Luck, written and performed by Diane Barnes, M.D., has been extended at The Marsh, San Francisco, and will run 1/4-2/3, Thursdays at 8 PM, Saturdays at 5 PM and Sunday 1/21 and 1/28 at 2 PM, 1062 Valencia Street, ( x st 22nd, BART 24th & Mission).

My Stroke of Luck has played to sold out houses, and in addition to raves from general audiences, has special resonance for those impacted by brain injury, and those in the health professions and rehab community.


“Diane Barnes’ story is one of incredible luck, incredible misfortune, and how tenacious love can be in the face of adversity. It’s the show you should be seeing right now.” -

“'My Stroke of Luck’ is a riveting, tense, and touching story of a single mother grappling with no longer being able to take care of yourself, much less her two sons.” –Sam Hurwitt in the Marin Independent Journal

"✭✮✮✮✭! Masterful Performance!” Nan Fringe

“Very uplifting.” London Free Press

“Amazing life story… a wonderful woman to spend 75 minutes with.” London Yodeller

“Entertaining, enlightening piece that educates and touches the heart.” Arts Beat LA

“Beautiful, captivating.” Nexus, Victoria


"For those who go to the theater to be illuminated, inspired, elevated, engaged, and touched, this is a no-brainer." Bettina Devin

"Powerful, well written...Although it’s an experience that no one wants; viewing it through Diane’s eyes, wit and humor enables a more insightful and compassionate understanding." Theresa Fross

Grab your tickets now:

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